Herman Melville

(1 August 1819 – 28 September 1891 / New York City, New York)

Herman Melville Poems

81. The Night March 4/19/2010
82. The Portent 1/3/2003
83. The Ravaged Villa 4/19/2010
84. The Released Rebel Prisoner 4/19/2010
85. The Scout Toward Aldie 4/19/2010
86. The Stone Fleet 4/19/2010
87. The Swamp Angel 4/19/2010
88. The Temeraire 4/19/2010
89. The Tuft Of Kelp 4/19/2010
90. The Victor Of Antietam 4/19/2010
91. To Ned 4/19/2010
92. To The Master Of The _Meteor_ 4/19/2010
93. Tom Deadlight 4/19/2010
94. We Fish 4/19/2010
Best Poem of Herman Melville



Where the wings of a sunny Dome expand
I saw a Banner in gladsome air-
Starry, like Berenice's Hair-
Afloat in broadened bravery there;
With undulating long-drawn flow,
As rolled Brazilian billows go
Voluminously o'er the Line.
The Land reposed in peace below;
The children in their glee
Were folded to the exulting heart
Of young Maternity.


Later, and it streamed in fight
When tempest mingled with the fray,
And over the spear-point of the shaft
I saw the ambiguous lightning play.
Valor with Valor strove, and died:
Fierce ...

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Children of my happier prime,
When One yet lived with me, and threw
Her rainbow over life and time,
Even Hope, my bride, and mother to you!
O, nurtured in sweet pastoral air,
And fed on flowers and light and dew
Of morning meadows -spare, ah, spare
Reproach; spare, and upbraid me not
That, yielding scarce to reckless mood,

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