Hugo von Hofmannsthal

(1 February 1874 – 15 July 1929 / Vienna)

Hugo von Hofmannsthal Poems

1. »works« Are Dead Rock 5/3/2012
2. Written In A Copy Of 'Yesterday' 5/3/2012
3. Canticum Canticorum Iv, 12-16 5/3/2012
4. King Cophetua 5/3/2012
5. Creature Of The Flood Poem Of The Mussels 5/3/2012
6. Besitz 5/21/2012
7. Unendliche Zeit 5/21/2012
8. Kleine Erinnerungen 5/21/2012
9. The Gardener's Daughters 5/3/2012
10. Erlebnis 5/21/2012
11. The Rose And The Desk 5/3/2012
12. Creatures Of Flame 5/3/2012
13. Ballade Des Äußeren Lebens 5/3/2012
14. Ariadne Auf Naxos 9/28/2010
15. Der Schiffskoch, Ein Gefangener, Singt: 9/28/2010
16. Im Grünen Zu Singen 9/28/2010
17. Terzinen Über Vergänglichkeit - Erste Terzine 9/28/2010
18. Remembered 9/28/2010
19. Erfahrung 9/28/2010
20. Die Beiden 9/28/2010
21. Vorfrühling 9/28/2010
22. Experience 9/28/2010
Best Poem of Hugo von Hofmannsthal


The valley of dusk was filled

With a silver-grey fragrance, like the moon

Seeping through clouds. But it wasn't night.

The silver-grey fragrance of the dark valley

Caused my sleepy thoughts to blur,

And silently I sank into the weaving,

Transparent sea and left my life.

What wonderful flowers there were,

With dark chalices glowing! A maze of plants

Through which a yellow-red light,

as if from topazes, glowed in warm streams. All

Was filled with a deep swelling

Of melancholy music. And this I knew,


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Ariadne Auf Naxos

There is a land where all is pure,
And this land is called
The land of death.
Here nothing is pure.
All things suffer corruption.
But soon a herald will come.
Hermes is his name,
his winged wand rules all souls.
Like birds affrighted,

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