Hunter Dasten

Rookie (May 3rd 1987)

Biography of Hunter Dasten

Hunter Dasten was born May 3rd 1987 in Atlanta Georgia. He currently lives and writes in Savannah, Georgia. His poetry has appeared in Moonshine Arts Magazine, The Istanbul Literary Review, Ovi Magazine, and The Blue Fog Journal. Updates

My Dream

The burden of reality, and conscious procedures
prevent me from fully recalling just how vivid your presence was
though, I can venture with enough forethought, to express it:
Your hair seemed to float in a dance of jubilation through the air,
as if animated by the most crystalline ocean of a world yet conceived.
And what myths my mind invents of your phosphorescent smile!
Together we laughed with such enthusiasm it rivaled youthful innocence
I would vanquish all ambition, all human lon

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