Hunter Sones

Biography of Hunter Sones

I love poems. they project such powerful words that may not mean what they say. the most important themes of poems, i think, are human emotions, social status, and the earthen taste of nature.

I have one poem that had been published... for Celebrate! a book for young youth poets from all ovwer the country.i am working on my poem book called hUMAN nATURE. it includes all of these poems and others.

I think all humans have a sixth sence of emotion that
can be harnesed into words with a moving power and meaning.

Thank you for reading my works, hopefully with some time and patience, they will be published... and keep worrking on your own opus's... h. sones Updates

Dark Autumn

these colors enlighten
all ages

Blue sky
soft breeze
floating leaves

everything is calm, but
then you realize...

dark clouds sweep
in covering the heavens
Trouble some winds seem
to ensue the world

... that everything is
decaying and dead

[Hata Bildir]