Husna Amin

Biography of Husna Amin

Life is such a beautifully woven story that unravels itself slowly in it's unique way...I am learning...everyday! And the whole process of knowing and learning leaves me wanting to know more. Poetry nourishes my mind and teaches me how to love! Every little thing around me has a story...since it is an impossible task to know all, I am trying to understand the little I can. My world consists of 'my people' and 'my imagination'...I can fly...I am lucky! ! Updates

Holy Night

Try to fathom not the gravity of the goodness of a sweet belief
Try to dive into it and understand you are a part of it -
That goodness, that piety, that happiness, that beauty
Try to feel it
This night and many more to come
When you forget you are faint hearted
And that you don't know what is it that you believe
Trust that song

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