Husna Amin

Biography of Husna Amin

Life is such a beautifully woven story that unravels itself slowly in it's unique way...I am learning...everyday! And the whole process of knowing and learning leaves me wanting to know more. Poetry nourishes my mind and teaches me how to love! Every little thing around me has a story...since it is an impossible task to know all, I am trying to understand the little I can. My world consists of 'my people' and 'my imagination'...I can fly...I am lucky! ! Updates

The Divine Intervention

In your soft hands I keep mine,
Holding the tiny fingers I feel divine.
Have I ever told you my babies, you are my precious gifts from God?
Feel my heart through my touch, dear little angels
With your share of luck you brought from Heaven,
I build my love shrine.
The majesty of the Creator amazes me still.
I see you in me as I see me in you, it is surely a majestic celebration...
Here, as I pen down my happiness, I salute the divine intervention!

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