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I am free


Poems of I am free

1. A Peom From Matched 2/8/2013
2. About Me 2/8/2013
3. stupid/funny 1/18/2013
4. Without Wind 1/18/2013
5. Your Weapon 1/17/2013

Your Weapon

'sometimes i think about how the rain falls on my life.
no matter what i do it simply cuts me like a knife.
everyday and every night it falls upon my head.
it's not so hard to think about, i might as well be dead.'

'but you don't have to go, no, you will hold your head up high.
'cause think about it honey, you do not deserve to die!
i know your life's depressing, and you never have a choice,
but you just need to speak out now!

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