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Biography of Ibrar Siddiqi

Biographies are like a book, I don't think that I have anything that could be interesting to know about me other than I am old fashioned kind of guy who loves his wife and family.

I am an old fashioned kind of guy who wants to work hard, buy a house, retire surrounded by grandchildren like everyone else. Fate has other ideas so I just take each day as it comes. Planning too much just made me feel like a robot - life's too short to worry about anyone. I don't follow the massses, doing my own thing is my thing - don't want to impress my views or life on anyone else.

I love seeing people being happy, I had re-approached my life after experiencing a very dark episode in 1998 when I became bankrupt, lost my job and suffered a serious stroke and a mental breakdown. My wife has helped through the dark times.

Apart from my poems, I enjoy keeping fit, eating my wife's home cooking - hence keeping fit. Horror films, trying to get my old jalopy to give me more than 50 miles per gallon. I love old motorbikes, vintage clothes and music - I don't have any children but would like to have some with my wife.

My poems are just an extension of my personality -I have become somewhat of a recluse and don't make any friends easily.

I'm just an average guy who just wants a peaceful life, world peace and to live in New York when I am rich and famous.

Enjoy my poems, I must warn you I usually write them after work, reflecting upon the day and expeiences I've had - sometimes I may get too graphic but that's poetry its the way you present yourself........

Enjoy life, but walk about with blinkers and enjoy each day aqs it happens.

Ibrar Siddiqi's Works:

None published as so many poems are waiting to be submitted to be appreciated but will try to impress a wide variety of people who could assimilate to my level.

I have a blog called 'PostITPoet' - feel free to browse.

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Klepto In The Park

I go for a stroll in the park in the morning
ther in the corner it is slowly dawning
that man with the pram and the dogs
is my neighbourhood klepto
Picking up everyone else's ware
he has made stop and stare.

its got no value it goes in the pram
a bottle so empty but the previous owners

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