inguruwatta pushpadewa

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inguruwatta pushpadewa Poems

1. Left Her By My Sight 4/23/2012
2. The Man Slumber Upon Vally 4/23/2012
3. Creative Wonderful Flowers Ornamental Birds 4/24/2012
4. Smile With Hide Tears 4/24/2012
5. Corporation Via Every Nation 4/24/2012
6. Singing Hymn 4/24/2012
7. Leisure World 4/24/2012
8. Whispering Her Name 4/26/2012
9. Green Valley At Sri Lanka 4/26/2012
10. Dance By Little Girl 4/26/2012
11. Kicking The Truth 4/26/2012
12. The Darkness Escape From Every Place 4/26/2012
13. Brave Soldiers 4/27/2012
14. The Sorrowful Praying 4/30/2012
15. Wonder Full World 4/30/2012
16. Where Can Find Earth Like Other Planet 4/30/2012
17. Couldn'T Defeat Destiny 4/30/2012
18. Nothing Understand Before Die 4/30/2012
19. How Close My Eyes 5/3/2012
20. Innocent Love 5/3/2012
21. Emotion Love To Mother Land 5/3/2012
22. Among Beautiful Enviorment 5/3/2012
23. The Principle Of Truth 5/4/2012
24. Rescue Soul From Darkness 5/5/2012
25. Hopes 5/5/2012
26. Grow Better Life 5/5/2012
27. Flying With Flare Wings 5/5/2012
28. The Empty Meek And Close Lotus 5/7/2012
29. Capture Every World 5/7/2012
30. The World Is Creative For All 5/7/2012
31. The Empty Meek Close Lotus 5/7/2012
32. Emotion And Feel About Wealth 5/8/2012
33. Will Have Message Heaven Is Near 5/8/2012
34. Every Burn Heart Will Heald 5/9/2012
35. The Breeze Come Across Sea 5/9/2012
36. Country Heritages Forever 5/10/2012
37. Living With Natural 5/11/2012
38. Memory Of Unforgettable 5/11/2012
39. The Blowing Wind Every Message Whisper To Your ears 5/14/2012
40. Every Creative Nature For Survey To People 5/14/2012
Best Poem of inguruwatta pushpadewa

The Love And War

The life circle fading with out seen any of choices surround unknown threat
Freedom with flying birds giving kindly smile for people of innocent
Couldn't breathe offered fresh air by noble person its free for only wealth heart
The warmth of loving couldn't reach couldn't see loving smile oh feel desolate heart

Struggle one by one unable to offered thing for world via everything turn black color
How growth people with love foes come and killing if not die wit out food wind is murmur
The peoples are don't trying finding reality among people they always try fight ...

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Creative World

The sun Moon Rivers and earth and Boulders create for people
The strange mountain and large seas exists can looking every where
Evergreen woods and pouring cascade and beast make to us love
Never listen rough noise blowing wind mellow toughing and could heard voice

The sun rays till beaming will moon move at solar system over hesitation
The stars will crying and asking from every clouds did you see loving

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