Treasure Island

Iris Rapoport

Poems of Iris Rapoport

1. Despair 4/11/2010
2. Hope 4/11/2010
3. Joy 4/11/2010
4. Let Go 4/11/2010
5. No Name Yet 4/11/2010
6. Sadness 4/11/2010
7. The Physical World 4/11/2010
8. Time 4/11/2010
9. Who am I? 4/10/2009


In a lonely land
In a desert place
Sat a beautiful elf;
She was crying.

She was crying
Her loss
She was crying
Her love
She was crying to her lost hope

And her heart was agonizing
Locked in the dark
Searching for air
Searching for light
Searching for a treasure -
A treasure called hope…

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