Is It Poetry

Gold Star - 25,328 Points (1958 - / Bus-Boys And Poets, Washington D.C.)

Is It Poetry Poems

161. A Name.. 3/11/2010
162. A Natural Habitat 5/29/2009
163. A Negative 5/18/2009
164. A Neophte 12/22/2010
165. A Nerve 12/24/2009
166. A Nest Of Roses 7/14/2013
167. A New Medication 5/9/2009
168. A Noisy Girl No More 7/28/2015
169. A Part In The Part We Play 5/28/2009
170. A Passport 1/10/2010
171. A Patch Of Snow 8/31/2010
172. A Personal Observation 5/7/2016
173. A Piano 5/19/2010
174. A Pink Pill 5/13/2009
175. A Plot, A Monkey 5/12/2009
176. A Poem Can Make You 6/10/2009
177. A Poem Sad 5/17/2010
178. A Pond Kept Hidden 12/21/2008
179. A Prayer 12/13/2009
180. A 'Prayer' 12/12/2009
181. A Prince And Or Her/His A Prison 1/21/2010
182. A Professional Woman 6/12/2009
183. A Pulsar 2/3/2010
184. A Pulse I Feel 5/27/2010
185. A Punks Punk 4/3/2009
186. A Raisin In The Sun 6/22/2009
187. A Red Paper Lantern 9/9/2009
188. A Reflection From Me 8/1/2010
189. A Republic Fear 2/28/2010
190. A Ring When It Stretches 9/12/2011
191. A Ripped Cheap Red Dress 11/1/2011
192. A River - Haiku 5/2/2010
193. A Rose Once It's Picked 12/29/2015
194. A 'Rose' Smells 1/6/2010
195. A Rose Some Color Other 7/16/2009
196. A Sad Poem 1/6/2010
197. A Scent Of Oil On Her Hand's 10/12/2016
198. A Seal 5/10/2009
199. A Secret Hold 1/9/2011
200. A Secret I Unfold 11/12/2011
Best Poem of Is It Poetry

'She' Is As The 'Moon' Light

In beauty she walks by me.
and her throaty is so pale.
she It is as the moon light.
and how i struggle hard and blue vein,
not in vanity to reach the other side.
It is so full and heavy and as it is you so ethereally,
and it being you, it does shine down.
Wrapping around it
as i gaze up each night at twin half moons.
i sleep between them, you hold it there untill
sleep over takes us.
Too there, by the pond as does the white stork,
as it stands on one leg as a frog moves slowly down.
And as i watch mesmerized, that lump is mine,
and with my hand,...

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Face Of The Poor *

Of all our children.
Dirt scuffed face America has some.
Late night Sally Struthers infomercial.
Compassion of the old in their time of need.
Helping in the wide open homeless shelter.
Bread from their mouths for the young.
Picture the views.
You helped to make.
Words stir the pot of no news.

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