Isaac 'slimx'

Biography of Isaac 'slimx'

A young man trying to make sense of life through the act and art of poetry and blogging.. I love jazz but very passionate about dancehall music.. I play the saxophone, chess and dombo drums...I'm deep in faith issues...The Most High is always on my mind though I struggle alot trying to please Him by keeping His commandments and testimonies...I'm very hopeful in this vain life am living...Sickness and poverty makes me cry...Most of my writings are all about my innermost pains, struggles and the questions I seek answers daily.
I read alot because it one of the sane things to smile I've been told is very effective. Updates

The 'Me' And The 'I'

In the beginning of times, I mean in the days of my infant,
the ‘Me’ was the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ was the ‘Me’, through thin and thick
the ‘Me’ didn’t hide from the ‘I’, or vice versa cos I was indivisible,
now the ‘Me’ is not the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ not the ‘Me’, deathly divided.

The ‘Me’ you see is good, lowly, worriless and passionate,
one that is nice, gentle, lovely, openminded and accomplished,
lover of people, sweet, graceful, adorned with a charming smile,
yet the ‘I’ you don’t see

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