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Hi everyone, I started writing at age 13 and still am today. I was lucky the third poem that I wrote was published in a book called Twilight Musings. I include all of my poems, from the first to the last including the bad ones that I just needed to vent out on. Maybe some one can relate to even those. The only poems that I do not post are the ones with specific names for security reasons. I love to write and I hopefully can go to college for writing and literature. Either to major in English, be a journalist, writer, or work for national geographic and a photographer on the side. If not I hope to pursue in the feild of medicine, most likely oncology. Right now I am not seeing anyone. I currently am trying to write for the local paper and have been assured that at least three of my articles will be published, under another name.

Isabella Epona's Works:

Twilight Musings Updates

The Simple Wish

A simple wish that burns bright like a star
Waiting to be let free
To be ablaze
So embrace the chance
Let loose
And be yourself
Dance as if you have never before
Be that star
Because you are

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