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  • Paolo Zar (2/10/2013 9:06:00 AM)

    She gave freedom to her feeling so that they can be heard and shared by us. Often her poems are shorts and with these few words she can express her thoughts the way she feels them.

    The words rise from an odd spontaneity of emotions written with a candor such to border the naivety. But do not get it wrong and think this is a flaw! it is a rare quality instead, and only who has a “flame burning inside” can express it without being inconsequential.

    We can for example appreciate the innocence revealing the true feelings: QUOTE//……All I’m trying to say is/I no longer love you/But don’t thrust my eyes/They’ll tell you it’s not true. //UNQUOTE (from Don’t thrust my eyes)

    There is a joyful universe, just barely pinched by melancholy and loneliness of whose is still looking for….Full Stop, New Paragrath

    by Zarathustra

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I can go a whole day
smiling to people and tell them I'm okey
None of them can see the empty
hole inside my heart, but why
should they know that the only
thing that makes my day
is a singel smile, word
or hug from you?

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