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(20 May / 1988)

Biography of Ismael Mansoor

I was born a hearing child but lost my hearing at the age of two and a half. I attended school at Fulton School for the Deaf and completed my Matric in 2007. Upon completion I didn't know what I should do and I felt lost. After some time I decided to start writing short affirmations to keep me positive and help me find my way. Between 2010 and 2012 I found my creativity and love of writing grew so much I branched into other forms of writing - such as poetry and shorties. Writing has become my compass in life and my passion. Updates

Peace Waits Well

Peace peered into the door of my outer being,
amazed to find every detail exactly as peace’d offered.
Peace where it’d patient as calm and ordered nothingness,
it stuffed with magically-loved.
No doubt, no worries
Peace just flowing around and pushed open its door and wait
For me stepping in or walking through it
If I knew it inside and out,
Then close my eyes and thought of nothing

[Hata Bildir]