J Knight

Rookie (9/25/90-Yesterday / Watertown, N.Y.)

Best Poem of J Knight

Sad Sunshine On Yr. Broken Heart

Slowly, I have never ran madly beyond
any beauty, my broken heart broadcast shining stars,
I cannot laugh because it is too passionate

her swaying look holding me
though I am swaying myself, feeling the waves,
She’s rubbing, and I’m always missing her, even though she’s under me
(kissing smoothly) moving her small hands

her tongue touching me, and
my lips, screaming, glistening, loving,
as when the poet’s beauty is crying
and she’s shining brilliantly everywhere (talking)

the girls of the beach on the shining sand: whose Roaring ...

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Love Is Real (I Think)

Watching these phosphates wiggle, weaving space and time all together-
The soft explosions that create
And destroy the universe
Every second.
The hallucinations of life’s visions: whose dreams
remind me of sad memories and emotions
(She’s always there, scattered blank blue eyes,
Vivid in rainbow colors, smiling)
shading the thoughts and sketching them

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