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I am only 17 years old and I love to write poems about my life...Things I am going through, the people around me and what they are going through. To some poeple some of these poems may be 'dumb' but thats your opinion. I feel better knowing that my emotions are on paper, so its my 'therapy'. Also, im not very good with showing my emotions so I just let the poems take care of that. If I really like someone I write a poem for them. If im really upset i write about it.

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None: P i have two little notebook type things that i have all of my poems in...

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I am loving, free
I wonder how my life will be like when im older
I hear people who need faith
I see the world as a beautiful yet ugly place
I want to see the world
I am loving, free
I pretend to be a perfect person
I believe in almost everything
I touch the sky when I am happy

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