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I am only 17 years old and I love to write poems about my life...Things I am going through, the people around me and what they are going through. To some poeple some of these poems may be 'dumb' but thats your opinion. I feel better knowing that my emotions are on paper, so its my 'therapy'. Also, im not very good with showing my emotions so I just let the poems take care of that. If I really like someone I write a poem for them. If im really upset i write about it.

Jacqui Steele's Works:

None: P i have two little notebook type things that i have all of my poems in...

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I have my dress, I have my shoes
I guess I have nothing to lose
It is soon going to say good-bye
But I will never let my friendships die

It does not seem like long ago
That we were just going with the flow
It is soon going to be time when we all have to part
And we will have to go back to the start

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