Treasure Island

Jagannath rao Adukuri

Poems of Jagannath rao Adukuri

1. A blade of grass 11/22/2008
2. A boat trip on the Ganges in Calcutta 11/23/2008
3. A day at the training academy 11/24/2008
4. A doctor's marriage 8/19/2010
5. A night in the Topslip forest 11/23/2008
6. A photographer’s “doggereal” 11/7/2008
7. A photographer’s quest 11/13/2008
8. A train journey 11/24/2008
9. A visit to Nagalapuram temple 11/25/2008
10. A warehouse prince broke her horn 8/19/2010
11. Aasha's painting 11/23/2008
12. Acceptance 11/24/2008
13. Adultery 11/27/2008
14. Airborne 11/24/2008
15. Alive in a train 11/22/2008
16. An October Morning 11/24/2008
17. Ashes 11/24/2008
18. At Sriperumbudur, The birthplace of Ramanujacharya 11/22/2008
19. At the Balaji temple, Bhopal 8/20/2010
20. At the death ceremony of a relative in Eluru 8/19/2010

The train journey

Together we need a respite from howling
In the inner depths of the train’s night,
Clackety clackety, inside full with feeling
I stir along with the train and thought
She the train better stop thinking violent
Not puffing like her coal-eater ancestor
While mind walks slowly like the blue bird
That went up and down on the telephone wire.
Train-fans stir cold wind and winter air

[Hata Bildir]