Jagannath rao Adukuri

Jagannath rao Adukuri Poems

1. The kitchen (A tribute to woman) 11/7/2008
2. Acceptance 11/24/2008
3. A blade of grass 11/22/2008
4. An October Morning 11/24/2008
5. The memoirs of a Geisha 8/19/2010
6. Heart attack 12/5/2008
7. Tales of the Sculptures: Krishnapuram temple 11/25/2008
8. Shadows 11/27/2008
9. Faith 11/27/2008
10. A boat trip on the Ganges in Calcutta 11/23/2008
11. The Tirumala hills 11/24/2008
12. Tribute to the Shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan 11/27/2008
13. The Titiya bird 11/27/2008
14. The last lecture 8/19/2010
15. On completion of the construction of the house 8/19/2010
16. Ashes 11/24/2008
17. The Palm Trees in Our Village 11/24/2008
18. The roadside bathers 11/23/2008
19. The Guava Tree 11/25/2008
20. A day at the training academy 11/24/2008

Morning images

My images were diffused and meshed with a train’s song
That jostled with a bird-call in the morning’s silence
As the winter’s grass-cold seeped through bare feet
Consciousness became learning and then white screen of death
As a certain heart of lipid deposits became blue and unmoving
An abrupt epilogue to a life’s power point presentation.
A tree gave up consciousness, ready to feed the gardener’s fire
Unmindful birds chirped on its dead branches in the soft sun
Everything went on the us

[Hata Bildir]