James McIntyre

[The Cheese Poet] (25 May 1828 – 31 March 1906 / Forres, Scotland)

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Best Poem of James McIntyre

Oxford Cheese Ode

The ancient poets ne'er did dream
That Canada was land of cream,
They ne'er imagined it could flow
In this cold land of ice and snow,
Where everything did solid freeze,
They ne'er hoped or looked for cheese.

A few years since our Oxford farms
Were nearly robbed of all their charms,
O'er cropped the weary land grew poor
And nearly barren as a moor,
But now the owners live at ease
Rejoicing in their crop of cheese.

And since they justly treat the soil,
Are well rewarded for their toil,
The land enriched by goodly cows,
Yie'ds plenty now to ...

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A tale we'll tell of what hath been
When maids and youths kept Halloween.
It is a tale of old world lore
What happened in the days of yore,
When fairies danced upon the green
So merrily on Halloween,
And witches did play many a trick
Assisted by their auld friend Nick,
And lovers meet around the fire

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