Treasure Island

Jasbir Chatterjee

(4 March 1966 / Delhi)

Biography of Jasbir Chatterjee

Writing poetry is not only my greatest passion in life, it is also my lifeline. I now have a blog also where you can read my poems and short stories. URL is http: // Registered & Protected 

A mango tree, like any other tree that bears fruits, shares its bounty with anyone and everyone with an open heart, generously, lovingly…

I also share my works on this blog with my readers in the same way and my only condition is that i get due credit and recognition for my labor.

That’s the reason for this copyright.

An Axiom Of Choice

So much time has elapsed,
So much has happened to me,
So much water has gone under the bridge,
And I don't think
I am still the same girl
who once yearned,
Whose heart once ached…

So much time has elapsed,

[Hata Bildir]