Jean Valentine

(27 April 1934 / Chicago, Ill)

Jean Valentine Poems

1. Poem from the Russian 6/22/2015
2. In Prison 7/31/2015
3. Hospital: Strange Lights 3/5/2014
4. La Chalupa, The Boat 3/5/2014
5. Ghost Elephants 3/5/2014
6. Red Cloth 3/5/2014
7. To The Black Madonna Of Chartres 3/5/2014
8. I Have Lived In Your Face 3/5/2014
9. Fellini in Purgatory 6/22/2015
10. The Branches 3/5/2014
11. The One You Wanted To Be Is The One You Are 2/19/2015
12. Sanctuary 12/9/2014
13. Father Lynch Returns From The Dead 3/5/2014
14. Eleventh Brother 3/5/2014
15. Friend 3/5/2014
16. Friend 2 3/5/2014
17. Late 1/13/2003
18. X 1/13/2003
19. Elegy For Jane Kenyon (2) 1/13/2003
20. Dream Barker 1/13/2003
21. To Plath, To Sexton 1/13/2003
Best Poem of Jean Valentine

To Plath, To Sexton

So what use was poetry
to a white empty house?
Wolf, swan, hare,
in by the fire.
And when your tree
crashed through your house,
what use then
was all your power?
It was the use of you.
It was the flower.

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Dream Barker

We met for supper in your flat-bottomed boat.
I got there first: in a white dress: I remember
Wondering if you'd come. Then you shot over the bank,
A Virgilian Nigger Jim, and poled us off
To a little sea-food barker's cave you knew.

What'll you have? you said. Eels hung down,
Bamboozled claws hung up from the crackling weeds.
The light was all behind us. To one side

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