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jeanne harmon Poems

1. The Truth 11/12/2005
2. The Race 1/31/2006
3. What Holds What 12/6/2004
4. A Small Tree 11/12/2005
5. The Rain 10/31/2005
6. I Am Loved 12/6/2004
7. I Dreamed A Dream 11/1/2005
8. Eht Emas 12/21/2005
9. A Pond 2/26/2006
10. My Pillow Is My Best Friend 11/16/2005
11. Oh, How I Love The Internet 2/11/2006
12. Tick Tock 2/26/2006
13. Teddy Bear 3/1/2006
14. This House Is Not A Home 2/3/2006
15. Little Billy 2/6/2006
16. Caged Bird 2/7/2006
17. Sunny Days 2/7/2006
18. I Turn To You 2/9/2006
19. Open Your Eyes 2/11/2006
20. I'M Here To Decree 12/8/2005
21. This Morning I Was Sad 12/6/2004
22. Nostalgic Memories 12/24/2005
23. Music Of The Night 12/24/2005
24. Whatever Your Heart Wants It To Be Called 1/20/2006
25. Love Her 1/23/2006
26. I'Ll Be There 11/2/2005
27. A Stranger In A Crowd 11/5/2005
28. Candle In The Wind 11/11/2005
29. Life 10/31/2005
30. My Love 11/1/2005
Best Poem of jeanne harmon

The Truth

I’m sorry for not being there
I’m sorry for never seeming to care
I’m sorry if you thought I never loved you
For that is surely not true
I’m sorry for always coming home drunk
And how my clothes always stunk
I’m sorry for not believing in you
I’m sorry that we never talked
It seemed as if we were just a couple of strangers wouldn’t you say?
I’m sorry for being hard on you even when you had a bad day
I’m sorry for never trying
I’m sorry for running away when I saw you crying
I’m sorry for leaving you in the dark
Without a light to find your way
I’m ...

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What Holds What

Memories hold true
Moments hold memories
Time holds moments
Past holds time
The future holds the past
and we hold our future

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