Jefferson Carter

Jefferson Carter Poems

1. A Centaur 4/16/2014
2. The Oral Tradition 4/16/2014
3. Kill Data 4/23/2014
4. An Apology For Wannabes 4/23/2014
5. The Mummy 4/24/2014
6. Please 4/16/2014
7. Johnny-Jump-Up 4/19/2014
8. Land Of The Pharaohs 4/22/2014
9. The First Saltist Church Of Tariq Our Lord 4/24/2014
10. Starry Night 4/24/2014
11. Strep Throat 6/7/2014
12. Elavil 4/24/2014
13. Otis 4/16/2014
14. Helen 4/16/2014
15. My First Love 6/3/2014
16. The Falling Man 9/13/2014
17. Cat Pose 10/12/2013
18. Pasture 5/23/2013
19. Sunlight 5/23/2013
20. Litter Box 6/14/2013
Best Poem of Jefferson Carter

Litter Box

My wife asked me this morning
if I’d ever cheated on her.
My ex-wife called this afternoon
& asked me the same thing.
What’s going on?
That new Italian movie
the art film crowd adores,
the characters hysterical, nearly
operatic, their marriages dead
or dying. I imagine all the couples
sipping cappuccino after the movie,
nibbling biscotti, that close
to confessing their own infidelities.
I love my wife. I don’t whine
about my latest chore, cleaning
the litter box four or five times
a day. I can imagine one
of those histrionic Italian ...

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To a narcissist, all
the world’s a mirror.
The day I misread
the no trespassing sign
in the laundromat window
as no trepanning, I retired
from narcissism. I stopped
worrying about my headaches.
I’m not so lonely now

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