Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

Rookie (2/19/1976 / Grapevine, TX)

Biography of Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

I live in Texas with my husband Mark, my girls Kat & Lucy, our lizards Puff, Vert, and Bombachu, our cat Gutz, and our dog Chopper. I am currently going back to school, working toward my Master's degree in Humanities with a focus in Literature. I currently work on creating websites for people, landscaping & lawn maintenance, making beaded and hemp jewlery, and whatever else it behooves me to do. I write poetry and prose and I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. My hobbies include gardening, disc golf, writing, reading, fishing, and any family time with my girls. I am fond of reptiles, mainly lizards, and hope to one day start a reptile refuge in East Texas for unwanted, mistreated, aged, and abused reptiles. I respect and worship nature, as I am a Celtic Pagan. I am openminded to the religions and beliefs of others and I expect others to show me the same courtesy. Thats about all there is to me that will fit here. All-in-all, I am me as there is no one else I can honestly be. Updates

Many Moons

Many moons ago, I first told you, “I love you.”
And many moons ago, you told me the same.
Even though many moons have come and gone,
for neither of us has anything changed.

Many moons ago, I swore a vow
to love and cherish you forever.
As each day passes to the next,
I grow closer to you than ever.

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