jerome moore

jerome moore Poems

1. Antipoet 8/23/2012
2. Dear courtney 2/3/2013
3. Frottage Heavy petting mutual masturbation 11/14/2012
4. Cats Cradle! Cats Cradle 1/22/2013
5. OBEY 3/19/2013
6. give her a little freaky freaky she looks frustrated 12/21/2012
7. And This is Richmond 1/30/2013
8. Banquet 8/24/2013
9. Shipwrecked 2/6/2013
10. I took my drum and beat it 7/3/2014
11. Walking Walking Walking 8/22/2013
12. Skid Row! 1/22/2014
13. Tiger Lillies 7/5/2013
14. Viva Mas 8/25/2012
15. She Opened Her Legs... To Let The Light In 10/22/2012
16. Square Peg,,ın A Round Hole 1/17/2014
17. Skid Row 1/22/2014
18. snare drum 7/1/2014
19. bop 7/14/2014
20. a piece of apple browning and skin peeling off 7/30/2014

maine woods

Rooftops echo like a canyon lake
crashing all around me it leaks
thunder growls hard and loud in the bushes
loud enough to put fear of god in me
drops drip into the tent like time
I share a tent with my brother both shaking wearily,
and I cry a little in front of my brother and he understands,
as the rain collects in puddles under our human bodies shaking
and the storm is quiet until the window closes

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