Joba Akinola

Biography of Joba Akinola

I'm a male Nigerian who writes deeply inspired poetry of many forms and themes, transversing politics and love, to spirituality and philosophy. An eclectic poet indeed. I believe that poetry is not an art form intended to be written just for the fun of it, (though it is definitely meant to enjoyed, hence its beauty) but with a wider view to enlighten and heighten social consciousness. So I always say to the modern poet: 'Keep it conscious, if you lose it, your poetry's dead...unconscious.' I also perform spoken word poetry.

Joba Akinola's Works:

Still cooking 'em books! ! ! Updates

The Poetry Flows

Like the fat of fast food blocking my arteries
So was the blockade of debris obstructing my poetry
My floetry failed its name, and then fell in stock,
'Cos like water through a closed tap, it was stuck,
Thoughts seeking expression, words sick in expression
But lost in transmission, here's an admission;
My mind was plagued with the papyrus virus,
My tongue, baned with the rantimus stymus*,
My stylus, could engrave nothing on the tablets

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