John Lars Zwerenz

Veteran Poet - 1,044 Points (1-5-69 / Kew Gardens, New York, USA)

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John Lars Zwerenz poet

John Lars Zwerenz (1969-) is an American journalist,
poet and writer known for his romantic,
impressionistic and mystical works. He
owns a Bachelor's Degree in English from
Queens College at The City University
of New York, but at the age of 24 he left
his graduate studies in order to travel and
write poetry. His writings are deeply spiritual in subject matter and tone. Much of his verse employs transcendental language and is rich in meaning and musicality. Eternal Verse, (2013) widely lauded as a poetic masterpiece takes the reader on an astounding journey through the beautific realms of paradise. It has just been published by Xlibris of Simon And Schuster fame, and
comprises his sixth collection of poetry. His latest volume of verse, A Lady Fair And Other Poems, (2013) published on the heels of Eternal Verse, is a book of rhyming stanzas of varied lengths and themes, all composed with classical meter and with great attention to visionary detail. This seventh volume of rhyme has been described as the poetic diary of a sailor who travels as a troubadour through the gilded gardens of a wondrous world. Zwerenz is a mystical romantic, and his poetry has been recognized by many literary critics as the best and most original verse ever penned since the death of Robert Frost of The United States in 1963. Zwerenz is also the author of Selected Poems, (2011) a poetic memoir on travel and adventure, Mist and Flame, (2011) a book of lyrical, romantic poetry, Visionary Wanderings, (2012) an astonishing
volume of mystifying verse compared to the labor and results of Rembrandt, Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn, (2012) a collection of classically styled sonnets, many of which laud the poet's romantic precursors, and An American Romance, (2012) a novella which contains in its appendix Songs of Rapture and
Other Poems, an exclusively mystical collection of poetry which explores the realms of existential darkness and salvific light. Zwerenz is 44 years of age, and currently resides in The United States. ~ R. Canter

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John Lars Zwerenz's Works:

Selected Poems,2011
Mist and Flame,2011
Visionary Wanderings,2012
Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn,2012
Songs of Rapture and Other Poems,2012
Eternal Verse,2013
A Lady Fair And Other Poems,2013 Updates

The Palace

Roving on the bright, spacious lawn of the palace,
I have come to behold the lady clad in white,
Who steps onto the the balcony in the sunlight.
I stand below entranced, drinking from a chalice.

Amid the gray cast of ancient stone she appears,
As a breeze blows back the long tresses of her hair.
I am drunk with quatrains and the summery air,
With my lady and with wine, with regal belvederes.

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