John Lyday

Rookie (Chicago, Ilinois)

John Lyday Poems

1. Avocado On Ritz 11/10/2009
2. Half Pint Of Satan 11/14/2009
3. Silence, Sleep And Serenity 11/28/2009
4. If I Could Write A Cloud 11/30/2009
5. The Suicide Of My Young Friend 12/5/2009
6. Walking To The Train 12/17/2009
7. What Crazy Means To Me 12/23/2009
8. A Romp Toward Remission - Collaboration W/ Angie Headley 12/24/2009
9. Ode To The Woman Who Shot Me 1/25/2010
10. Prayer To Despair 2/10/2010
11. Fallen Fruit Of The Persimmon Tree 12/14/2009
12. One More Chance (A Villanelle) 6/4/2009
13. Resemblance 6/7/2009
14. Rickety Rhyme 6/9/2009
15. Disjointed 6/8/2009
16. Winter's Garden 4/23/2009
17. David And Goliath 4/17/2009
18. America 2009 4/24/2009
19. Why I Don'T Write 4/24/2009
20. Colorado Small Town Memories 4/9/2009
Best Poem of John Lyday

Colorado Small Town Memories

A dog named Pups and a cat named Kitty,
together they roam the city.
But it’s not really a city, is it?
Two blocks of main street is all they visit.

It’s an old town that never grew.
None of the buildings are considered new,
a grocery, dime stone, hardware and such
gas station and drug store – not much.

One road in and one road out,
the end of the journey no doubt,
or the beginning if you should flee
the roots that bind you to it’s creed.

Dusty, unpaved country roads,
snakes and lizards and horny toads,
sagebrush, cottonwoods and ...

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David And Goliath

A lithesome youth takes to the field.
A stouter heart no man could wield.
Alone he stands against a host.
In front, a single guard they post,
the all-time champion of utter war.
His name is etched in martial lore;
a mighty bear in battle gear,
a giant warrior for all to fear.

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