Treasure Island

John McKay Withey

(Ayrshire, Scotland)

Poems of John McKay Withey

1. Freedom 6/18/2009
2. Gemini 7/30/2010
3. Pages Of History 5/18/2009
4. Right Colour Wrong Race. 6/6/2009
5. Scottish Glory 5/16/2009
6. Senses Of Pleasure 5/21/2009
7. Sexy Eyes 5/8/2009
8. Solitary Confinement. 5/17/2009
9. Suffer Little Children. 5/9/2009

Suffer Little Children.

Blond curls and big blue eyes,
He soon realised the futility of his cries
To a mother with no love in her heart,
Pain and suffering she would impart.

Before the age of two, his back was broken,
Long before his first words were spoken.
His bruised body with festering sores,
His blood splattered on the dirty floors.

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