John Miller

Biography of John Miller

John J. Miller lives in sunny St. George, Utah. He has been writing stories since sixth grade and writes because he loves writing. He is actively engaged in a writer’s group. In addition to writing flash fiction for his family and friends, he camps and hikes. When John needs to think through a story, he walks beside the river on one of the many city walking paths. He acquires ideas from observing people around him and, in general, everyday life. Updates

On My Porch

I sit on my porch, eyes closed and ears open. The sounds of a summer’s night begin to fill my thoughts; a hot breeze blows across my face. The mocking birds begin their nightly chorus, followed by the chirping of crickets. A sparrow joins the melody, his sound most frequent.

I sit on my porch eyes closed and ears open. The soft flowing sound of traffic driving by drowns out my thoughts and put my mind at ease. I can hear the rattling sounds of neighbor’s sprinklers watering their lawns and th

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