John W. McEwers

Rookie - 62 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

1. 21st Century Man 2/1/2012
2. A Good Flower Costs A Lifetime 2/1/2012
3. A Is For Anyway 4/18/2010
4. A Little Love To Give Like Flowers 2/3/2012
5. A Lonesome Walk Down High Street 4/14/2010
6. A Tale Told For Ages Old 7/26/2014
7. Afterglow: One 4/13/2010
8. Afterglow: Three 4/13/2010
9. Afterglow: Two 4/13/2010
10. Aggressive Woman 2/8/2012
11. Aint No Ties On My Neck 4/12/2010
12. All Of Tomorrow Lost At A Card Game 4/13/2010
13. Always 4/17/2010
14. Ambulance In Aisle Four! 2/3/2012
15. Amy, My Baby 4/12/2010
16. And I Awake To The Silence Of A Room 2/4/2012
17. Angry Panda 3/3/2013
18. Apollo, Lend Me Your Lyre! 4/12/2010
19. Apples! 4/13/2010
20. Arithmetic Vd 2/13/2012
21. Ars Poetica 2/16/2012
22. At Night, I Think Of Trees Sailing 4/12/2010
23. Ate A Burger In A Bathtub 2/3/2012
24. Bad Coffee 2/3/2012
25. Baldy Boot Billy 2/4/2012
26. Bear Traps 2/3/2012
27. Beautiful Morning In My Happy Bed 2/1/2012
28. Beauty Is In Beautiful Faces 4/12/2010
29. Behind The Wheel Of My Dead Friend's Car 2/1/2012
30. Better Off In England 4/12/2010
31. Big Boy Blue Pajamas 2/24/2012
32. Big Dog Good Dog Likes John 2/3/2012
33. Big Muscles Fast 3/10/2013
34. Big Old Bowl Of Hard 3/7/2013
35. Bit Of Old Meatloaf In My Shoe 3/6/2013
36. Brandish Thine Sword 3/10/2012
37. Bright Lights, Pink Car 2/3/2012
38. Brown, Light Brown, And Green 4/13/2010
39. Built Me A House On Housefly Eyes 4/12/2010
40. Bunt 4/13/2010
Best Poem of John W. McEwers

Where There's Smoke, There's Failure

So it goes like this,
Guy meets girl.
Guy buys flowers.
Girl puts them in a vase.
Guy buys a ring.
Girl says yes.
Guy goes to work.
Girl goes to work.
Guy meets girl.
Girl meets guy.
Guy and girl fight about girl and guy.
Guy leaves work for new work and gets an apartment by himself.
Girl moves over seas and doesn't have to work any more because she has a new guy and the old guy has to send her money from his new work.

Guy writes poems.
Guy writes about new girl and old girl and new guy and work and old friends.
Guy wants to stop working and ...

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Love Poem

Love is stinking bug that squishes in your sock when you didn’t know it was in there but you had the suspicion cause you left your socks outside the tent when you went camping somewhere pretty one night last week and you didn’t put them back on cause you brought your sandals but now you put them on after not washing them and that stinking bug was i

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