Jorge Luis Borges

(24 August 1899 – 14 June 1986 / Buenos Aires / Argentina)

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  • Rookie West Phalen (3/26/2013 7:59:00 PM)


    No habrá nunca una puerta. Estás adentro
    y el alcázar abarca el universo
    y no tiene ni anverso ni reverso
    ni externo muro ni secreto centro.
    No esperes que el rigor de tu camino
    que tercamente se birufca en otro,
    que tercamente se bifurca en otro,
    tendrá fin. Es de hierro tu destino
    como tu juez. No aguardes la embestida
    del toro que es un hombre y cuya extraña
    forma plural da horror a la maraña
    de interminable piedra entretejida.
    No existe. Nada esperes. Ni siquiera
    en el negro crepúsculo la fiera.

    JLB (Elogio de la sombra) .

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  • Rookie Agustin Navarro (11/6/2011 10:45:00 PM) favorite poem related to the enjoyment of life...the original Spanish version is superb! ! It is one of the best jewels of philosophical poetry...a wonderful and practical lesson for all...

    Agustin Navarro

  • Rookie Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan (8/19/2009 8:03:00 PM)

    The Moment

    Where will they be the centuries, where the sleep
    of swords that the Tartar ones dreamed,
    where the strong walls that they levelled,
    where Adán's Tree and another Log?
    The present is alone. The memory
    it erects the time. Succession and trick
    it is the routine of the clock. The year
    it is not less vain than the vain history.
    Between the dawn and the night there is an abyss
    of agonies, of lights, of taken care;
    the face that looks in the worn-out ones
    the same is not mirrors of the night.
    The fleeting today is tenuous and it is eternal;
    another Sky do not wait, not another Hell.

    A clear vision of changes.

  • Rookie April Krygowski (8/22/2007 8:35:00 AM)

    What are lime beans? Lima, as in the cap of Peru? ? What's with the Spanish comments? I hope this site will remain in English. Does the one comment say that this was not written by Borges? If a comment is in another language, it would be helpful for a translation to be provided. Also is the THATS a typo or a poor translator?


Of all the streets that blur in to the sunset,
There must be one (which, I am not sure)
That I by now have walked for the last time
Without guessing it, the pawn of that Someone

Who fixes in advance omnipotent laws,
Sets up a secret and unwavering scale
for all the shadows, dreams, and forms
Woven into the texture of this life.

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