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Veteran Poet - 1,898 Points [na] (09/27/1951 / Seattle)

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I have lived in America all my life mostly in Washington State I have been involved in snow skiing, music, anthropological biology, the mathematics of location and communication, water skiing, camping, mostly a watcher not an experimenter, yet too open a mind for possibilities instead of the probable. causing me to miss many an opportunity even though I am still thankful for them having been there. I've been married and divorced before any writing was done. I like to watch movies several years after they've changed mediums film, vhs, dvd, download. all goes by slowly yet can be said all too quickly for truth to be fact.

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One Human

from behind
an existential wall
where the barrier of
progressing now
hides my memories
replicating memories
duplicating your love
showing by justly being
the way I am going

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