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Silver Star - 4,021 Points [na] (09/27/1951 / Seattle)

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1. The One Who Walks Like Two Horses 12/23/2013
2. Night Runner 12/23/2013
3. The Scale Of A Full Tin 12/23/2013
4. In Case He Leaves 12/23/2013
5. A Broken Fall Is All 12/23/2013
6. I Think I Can I Think I Can 12/23/2013
7. The Loose Caboose 12/23/2013
8. In The Do Never Be 12/23/2013
9. The Plan To Compete With The Interstellar Heat 12/23/2013
10. The Bored Gardener 12/29/2013
11. The Lonely Fish 12/29/2013
12. Beyond Words 12/29/2013
13. The Difference Between Deductive Reason And Extrapolating Situations 12/30/2013
14. The Homeless 12/30/2013
15. All Unacounted For Good Or Evil 12/30/2013
16. The Snake Pit Of Rising Waters 12/30/2013
17. An Old Pen To My Desperado's Hen 1/2/2014
18. Along The Way 1/2/2014
19. The Rusty Horn 1/6/2014
20. I Am Here 1/6/2014
21. The Oily Can Of My Olympian 1/6/2014
22. In A Time Of Knowledge 1/7/2014
23. The Burrowing Boroughs 1/8/2014
24. The Harboring Of An Exiled King 1/9/2014
25. As I Am 1/10/2014
26. Doing What You Know How To 1/10/2014
27. Not I Says The Wall 1/10/2014
28. Approach 1/10/2014
29. The Shoe That Fit 1/11/2014
30. Why We Do Not Touch 1/11/2014
31. Edgewings Prepasis 1/13/2014
32. Fire 1/20/2014
33. Air 1/20/2014
34. Earth 1/20/2014
35. When Seeking Love 2/6/2014
36. The Wisdom In Edisons Third Party Plug 2/6/2014
37. The Pulling Of The Nightly Horse 2/6/2014
38. The Wooden Lake 2/9/2014
39. While The Pill Vial Rolled Away 2/9/2014
40. When I Was Young I Reached Out And Touched The Moon 2/9/2014
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On How To Get Off

By giving yourself
To the previously approved observably
Sane approach to the in and outs
Of in-sanitized craziness
Know fully radiating from
The one soul giving your god
Full clearance and aileron
Down sending up to completions
That whats thought to be good
By your own judgments

If your guessing
Of who to become
From what you will
Be there as you are
For too it's truth be you
Just outside so so nearby
Is the other kind of love
Oldie yet still
New news to your self
Are their plenty past of pissed
Drink taken in by ...

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.listen To The Language

it knows what is
in our thoughts and mind
what has been
what is and what was what we know
but some of what we know is hidden in speach
and recessed in combininations yet made
the variences of spoken and seen
the kinds of expressions that have been
are portals of space that will undo the laces of being

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