Joshua Hillard

Freshman - 529 Points (February 19,1992 / Saginaw, MI)

Biography of Joshua Hillard

I began my journey in writing when I turned 12 years old. It started with a divorce, and an alternative life that I could not fathom. Writing was the cure. It unlocked emotions that I could not speak for myself. The English language can become such a powerful tool; combined with your heart and mind, it can become a devastating weapon. But at times, it can also be the drug needed to eliminate the real world, and put you in your own world of happiness. I am now currently 23, and writing has saved me more than I could imagine. My dream is to become something through writing, because it is my passion. And all I could ever want is share the same gift to those who struggle the same. As I get older, I get wiser. And with each wise day, my mind begins writing it's own story. I am more than happy to be its author. Updates

Consequential Journey

When it feels like you’re stuck in the middle,
You, your life, your world seems to be trapped,
It’s stored away in a casket to tight,
With every corner tied down and strapped,

You only pray for an air leak,
Because it feels as if you’re losing your breath,
But there is nothing there,
Except for the stress in you until your death,

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