Joshua Hillard

Freshman - 529 Points (February 19,1992 / Saginaw, MI)

Biography of Joshua Hillard

I began my journey in writing when I turned 12 years old. It started with a divorce, and an alternative life that I could not fathom. Writing was the cure. It unlocked emotions that I could not speak for myself. The English language can become such a powerful tool; combined with your heart and mind, it can become a devastating weapon. But at times, it can also be the drug needed to eliminate the real world, and put you in your own world of happiness. I am now currently 23, and writing has saved me more than I could imagine. My dream is to become something through writing, because it is my passion. And all I could ever want is share the same gift to those who struggle the same. As I get older, I get wiser. And with each wise day, my mind begins writing it's own story. I am more than happy to be its author. Updates

A Breaking Question

How much does it take to break it?
A question I must ask,
Seems pain is inflicted from my past,
Burdened to never have the last laugh,

Seems this question is journeyed so far,
Yet I am stuck with so little,
Trapped between two to lie in the middle,
But the answers unfold to this long term riddle,

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