Joyce Rugg

Rookie (2/21/1996- / olean new york)

Biography of Joyce Rugg

I'm a 16-year old straightedge vegetarian-going-vegan who loves symphonic/black/death metal. (I love the agonist, & I'm a shadow soldier for life!)
I've been writing poetry since I was 13 & stories since i was 10. My dream job would be as lead vocalist of a melodic death metal band. Updates


Pain, a constantly consuming companion
It drives me to act with reckless abandon
Like a feral beast, I claw at my cage
All too quickly, sadness takes the place of rage
It drags me down, bottomless and bleak
And yet I have to ask: is it really happiness I seek?
To me, joy seems a waste of time
A cruel hope, then darkness that lasts a lifetime
I dream of escape, but what am I searching for?

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