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Junior Sapien


Biography of Junior Sapien

My name is Junior Sapien; I am 17 years old. I currently live in Glendale, AZ. My mother’s name is Dianne Sapien, and my father’s is Juan Ruiz. I was born on November 28,1996 in Issi les Moulineaux, FR. Growing up; I didn't have most of the luxuries as my peers so I had to find my own way of entertaining myself. I went through a lot of hobbies including, cars, and music. Then I found Writing, I thought to myself that I had finally found it. I had found something that I am truly passionate about. I began Writing at age 8, starting with short stories. My first work was a short story named “Dear, Love”. During my teenage years is when I really got deeper and deeper into writing. I began writing poems at age 14. I adapted into a short, rhyming style of poetry, using unique rhyme schemes. I met people that love my works, and I’ve met people that hate it. Writing much like a lot of other arts, it's subjective. You aren't going to satisfy 100% of the people that read it. I have had a very challenging life; losing my mother at age 11, and dealing with my father battling drug addiction. I look on the positive sides of things as much as I can, doing this I may not have the best, or easiest life. But I did get some pretty good experiences out of it. Updates

Love Triangle

You Know How I Feel For You
But It Seems Like You Love Someone New

You Say That You Really Like Him
The Chances Of You Loving Me Are Slim

Despite That, I Will Forever Love You
Even If My Love Is See-Through

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