Treasure Island

Just the Regular Scotty Dogg

[Stevie RalphaDoodleDoo, Grunter Hossin'Globin] (Don't rightly remember. They always called me Dogg / The Potato Fields, Indiana)

Biography of Just the Regular Scotty Dogg

Hello there. Please read all of my poems and give me nice reviews and 10's. I really don't have a lot of time, so I won't be reading any of yours though. My suggestion is take this review with you... 'Nice Write'. Take this review with you and write it onto your poem page and sign my name to it. This should take care of most of you. Goodbye now.

Just the Regular Scotty Dogg's Works:

' I ain't African, but I sure go'st the blues'-Apple Records
' In the Eye of the Potato Blues, and Other Rags'-Dog Productions Updates

R.L's Favorite

The rat’s skin was scraped off the flesh
As I tied it up to the mailbox.
I screamed in delight when you pulled
Up and questioned my sanity.
Come; let us walk to the tool shed
As I explain my position on global
You… are whispering nonsense.
But, in a cute sort of way;

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