Justin Kopp

Poems of Justin Kopp

1. A Bright One 7/27/2012
2. A Lovedrunk Fool 7/27/2012
3. Beat Down 7/27/2012
4. Blame The Undertaker 7/27/2012
5. Certain Standards 7/27/2012
6. Damn, I Can't Figure It Out 7/27/2012
7. Excuse Me? 7/27/2012
8. Fifty Frogs 7/27/2012
9. Give It Some Justice 7/27/2012
10. History Lesson 7/27/2012
11. Pack Your Bags, I'm Leaving 7/27/2012
12. Petty Theft 7/27/2012
13. Rat Race 7/27/2012
14. The Back Alley 7/27/2012
15. The Black Cat That Follows Me From Time to Time 7/27/2012
16. Turning and Turning Tighter and Tighter 7/27/2012
17. Until We Rise 7/27/2012
18. untitled 7/27/2012
19. Walking In 7/27/2012

A Bright One

Men can go blind staring at the sun for hours
Waiting, just waiting
After awhile theirs tears aren't sad, but tired
Hot tears running past their nose over their lip and into their mouth
They spit it out and some kind of false courage erupts
Though the sun won't even blink at them, not once
It will burn and burn until the heat turns to hate
And the staring ones can go mad after hours
They're courage stirred up and ready

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