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Biography of Kathleen West

The power of words, and how it affects people, is amazing to me. Words create understanding between people. The rhythm of a beautifully written verse, has an almost musical flow to it, and is a joy to the reader.

I started writing poetry in my early teens, and ever since, have kept my best writings in a book. Some of my poems were written for a special occassion, others given as a gift, and some were written at hard times in my life. Life has many stages, and I am eager to embrace each one to the fullest!

Kathleen West's Works:

I have no published books but I am in process of making a CD of songs that I have written.

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Best Intentions

Best intensions should count for something
Even if they never come true
Because it's the part of you that keep hoping
And gives you the courage to start anew

I would hate to think that I was judged alone
By the accomplishments that I do
Because I'm so sincere in wanting to do good
But my accomplishments are few

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