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Kaycee Anne poet

I have five brothers and 1 sister.
I have a step dad and a step mom.
My moTher has cancer.
I dont see my dad 2 much.
I love poetry.
Im a very helpful and dependable person...im also very good to talk to.
I love to talk to people.
I want to change tge world some day.
I want my mother to get better.
Family and friends are very important to me.
I belive you should do on to others as you want them to do on to you.
Im very mature for my age,
but i know im still young.
im a care taker, if your sick, sad, injured or just in need of help im there for you.
I've had some tough stuff in mah life,
and honestly i dont care if you care or not.
The people i care for...
care for me.
most of em.

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My Masterpiece

creation, is somting that you create,
my daughter is my creation,
but she insist shes hers,
shes her master piece,
but olny if she knew the truth,
shes my master piece.

She is MY master piece,
Shes my work of art,

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