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my name is kayleigh and iam 17 years old i love poetry and music and art though i cannot draw to save my life iam single have 2 sisters and a nephew at this moment iam trying to write a book though its not going very well my favorite singer is pink and Carrie Underwood i love movies my dreams are to traveling and to become a social worker my favorite time is night in November when you can see the stars best on a full moon

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Am Sorry Mum

Am sorry for everything I've put you through
am not the only one who has to deal with what I've been through
the bullies took my confidence
but thanks to you i made it through
am not saying am ok but one day i will be
theres too much damage to work through in a year
it may even take a life time to work everything through
but i no you will always be there at my side
giving me a help in hand

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