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I have a wife, three girls (one died in a car accident - she was a sweet 16yr old 2/07/09 RIP) and a few dogs. I started writing poetry in 2007. I enjoy writing and hope others enjoy reading (them) . Poetry is my outlet/out-reach. I'm so glad to have found this site. I have been chasing the Truth for most of my adult and late teen years - still chasing/searching/ finding and correcting my outlook/philosophy. Hope you do the same. Keith Updates


Who really cares if I live or die?
Who's giving me a reason to breath or try?
What's the reason to stick around this place?
Waiting for a smile or a touch of His grace?

There must be a deeper reason why
I don't pull the trigger and end this guy.
How do I know how others feel,
no one has told me so it's no big deal.

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