Keith Wright

Rookie (1988- / Oklahoma City)

Biography of Keith Wright

I am just a kid who grew up in Oklahoma. Life is boring sometimes so I just write songs. All my life music has been my getaway so I figure Why not write my own songs. Lifeless is song one, but there are many more to come. And I want 2 let anyoneone who stumbles upon me or just likes the poems I write, Dont ever be afraid to express yourself no matter what you do. It could be riding you bike in a way never heard of. Or a song you made up. Life can be a trip so express yourself no matter what it takes. Updates


I've been sittin' around for way too long tryin' to get my mind back on track, but the only thing on my mind are a bunch rhymes that are straight up wack, people been asking whats on my mind and all i can say is......

I Keep thinkin' bout these issues, issues, issues, issues, runnin' through my mind, all the time, Lord Its just these issues, issues, issues, issues, that drive me crazy all the time. Its Just these Issues..

I've been tryin' all i can not to have so much shit on my mind, but

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