Keith Wright

Rookie (1988- / Oklahoma City)

Biography of Keith Wright

I am just a kid who grew up in Oklahoma. Life is boring sometimes so I just write songs. All my life music has been my getaway so I figure Why not write my own songs. Lifeless is song one, but there are many more to come. And I want 2 let anyoneone who stumbles upon me or just likes the poems I write, Dont ever be afraid to express yourself no matter what you do. It could be riding you bike in a way never heard of. Or a song you made up. Life can be a trip so express yourself no matter what it takes. Updates

Survival Of A Break Down

So here I am... feelin' sad and glad.. at the same time! ! Alot has changed since I... was a young boy! ! , I feel like shit.. yet i feel the need to make it, better over time, yeah better over time! !

survival of.. a break down! ! , i have seen the glass shatter right before me, awoken to...... a new day! ! , i feel i will survive, save me from this, nightmare! ! the worst has yet.. to come! ! , so i pick myself up off... of the ground! ! !

So here I am... a new man! ! , doing all i can

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