Kevin Ortiz

Rookie (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Biography of Kevin Ortiz

Small time junior poet lol. That's all there is to it. Good writer and never a biter xD

Kevin Ortiz's Works:

None... Want to be published someday though.... Updates

My Juliet

My dear Juliet,

I love you. There's not much else to say there. What do I love about you? Well, how you can make me smile when you aren't even there. How looking into your eyes seems to always make me feel like you were sent down to earth for me. How even the most irrelevant facts about you seem to just pop up into my head. How when my mind drifts for some reason my thoughts always lead to you. Maybe it's how gorgeous you are just idly sitting. You're like my kryptonite, but yet wrapped in l

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