Khawar Farooq

(August 2,1988 / Eminabad, Pakistan)

Poems of Khawar Farooq

1. As Time Goes By 1/24/2014
2. Because Regret is Perpetual 1/24/2014
3. I'm Standing Here 1/24/2014
4. Melting Moments 1/24/2014
5. My Mythical Forest 1/24/2014
6. Once In A Blue Moon 1/24/2014
7. One Fine Morning 1/24/2014
8. The Forest Of Fallen Stars 1/24/2014
9. We Are One 1/24/2014

Melting Moments

As the voices melt into the silence
and the silence engulfs all
As the winter melts into spring
and the spring into summer
As at the estuary, the rivers melt into the sea
and the sea then joins the ocean
As the saffron rays melt in the sky
and the twilight fades into dusk
As the whispers melt in the cacophony

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