Kim Robin Edwards

Rookie - 3 Points (October 15,1959 Age 56: / Born-Newfane, New York USA(From California) :)

Biography of Kim Robin Edwards

Kim Robin Edwards poet

Kim Robin Edwards is an American Poet,
Singer-Songwriter.Born in Newfane, New York
October 15,1959.Spent his early years in Upper
State New York, mainly Hornell, New York where he
wrote some of his early poems/lyrics and love ballads.Kim became noticed as a poet in the early part of the twenty first century.As a contemporary poet and love ballad specialist.His writings between the years of 1980 and 2013 include great poems such as 'The Poem Tree', 'Veterans Day Salute', Titanic(The Unsinkable Ship) 'and 'The Derby'.Kim Robin Edwards continued writing, until his late years.Writing a variety of love ballads such as 'Two Lonely Hearts', 'I'm Ready For Love', and'Like Two Doves'.After moving to Southern California in the year 1984.He started writing Poems/Songs/and Love Ballads in many different catagories such as Love, Humor, Seasonal, Lyrics, Animals, Fun And Laughter.A great poet for his works in Seasonal Poetry, Nature Poetry, which include birds, cats, dogs, and other animals.A longtime resident of Anaheim, California and Garden Grove, California.Some of his best works were achieved in these two cities of Southern California..

Kim Robin Edwards's Works:

Kim Robin Edwards Poetry, Songs, Lyrics & Love Ballads
Publication Date Sept 2013 ISBN 978-0-615-89488-1
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In Anaheim

We'll dance across the floor.
We'll dance across the sky.
I'll never wonder why?
We dance across the sky.
Because in Anaheim.
We'll have a real good time.
The sun will shine.
In Anaheim..

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