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Kim Robin Edwards

(October 15,1959(Age-54) : / Born-Newfane, New York USA(From California) :)

Biography of Kim Robin Edwards

Kim Robin Edwards poet

Kim Robin Edwards is an adult male poet from Anaheim,
California.Lived in Upstate New York for 20 Years before moving to Southern California in 1984.I've
been a long time resident of Anaheim, California USA.
Note: Kim Robin Edwards(Mr.) has been writing poetry and Song-Lyrics for over 30 years.(AGE-54) :
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The Winter Olympics

Though the snow came down.
As the pond was frozen.
Our skis were waxed.
As our feet were clothin'.
The crowd showed up.
To win the gold.
But the silver shined on.
As the bronze took hold.
A metal of honor.

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