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Biography of King Midas

In the most golden world of King Midas, nobody has a name, nobody has a face, nobody has an opinion. A golden world is a blind world, a selfless world, and a loving world. Hair and clothes matter none; intent and truth reign supreme. A fair worl, one without poverty and injustice, a world where love conquers all, and love is based solely on everything that lays inside. Welcome to my kingdom, my escape, my dreams; a land where everything is golden.z

Hello, I am King Midas. I'm your typical 18 year old male. I love music and writing, but I also shun fame and notoriety. That is the reason for my pseudo K.M. I don't want much to be known about me. I want to be like the great musicians, Kurt Cobain, Syd Barret, John Lennon....Bob Dylan...the great writers. The men who would understand every ounce of pain or happiness I could possess. I would just like to note that I am not a self mutilator, nor have I ever been. However, I have had experiences with friends and relatives that are, thus the 'cutter poems'. If you think it is 'emo', or classifiable for that matter, you are wrong and your opinion is not welcome. We all struggle with our problems, and some people choose that method. Thank You Please leave feedback Updates

Everything's Okay

Got caught up in your glory once again
Still shrouded by this coat of immortal sin
Playing shallow games I cannot win
But I'm still pretending every thing's okay

I've had my dreams broken along this road
I'm left a lonely man with nothing left to show
I want to tell you things but you just don't want to know
I guess I'll sit back and pretend that every thing's okay

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