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Konstantinos B. Sventzouris

Biography of Konstantinos B. Sventzouris

Konstantinos B. Sventzouris poet

Konstantinos B. Sventzouris theologian and paleographer was born in Greece. Achieved his studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki obtaining a Master in Patristic Theology. He continued his graduate studies in Latin Patrology at the Augustinian Patristic Institute in Rome as a fellow of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. He is graduated in Greek Paleography at the Vatican School of Paleography, Diplomatic and Archives Administration. Also has studied French language and history in France (Paris-Besançon) and Spanish language and culture in Spain (Málaga) . He worked for several years as a researcher and taught Greek Paleography at the Center for Hagiographic Studies in Thessaloniki, contributing in various critical editions of patristic and hagiographic texts. His first collection of poems Here I am... (Ed. UNI Service Trento 2011; second edition, Ed Del Faro,2012) was published in Italian.
Has also published:
-the essay: Ambrose of Milan, De Spiritu Sancto. Grammatological and theological approach in the volume Latin Christians A, Ed Vanias, Thessaloniki 2011 (in greek) ,
-the collection of poems Apodimia (Migration) , Ed. iWrite Thessaloniki 2013 (in greek) .
Engaged for years in painting, his works are in private collections in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Rome.

Konstantinos B. Sventzouris's Works:

Here I am, (Italian) , Ed. Del Faro, Trento 2012
Apodimia, (Greek) , Ed. iWrite, Thessaloniki 2013 Updates

On the phone

The rain stopped. Hear no sound.
The keys on the computer squeak.
Rhythmically gnaw the fingers.
I do not feel pain.
Late last night I called you. You answered.
I said:
I'm a stranger in my town...
I continue to erase...
I'm sure for those erased.

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