Kostas Karyotakis

(1896-1928 / Greece)

Kostas Karyotakis Poems

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1. Strophes 9/17/2010
2. Destruction 9/17/2010
3. A Clerk 9/17/2010
4. Critique 9/17/2010
5. They Betrayed Virtue And The Last Came First... 9/17/2010
6. My Verses 9/17/2010
7. March Mournful And Vertical 9/17/2010
8. Return 9/17/2010
9. Bitter Oranges 9/17/2010
10. A Story 9/17/2010
11. Tombs 9/17/2010
12. Nobility 9/17/2010
13. A Tree 9/17/2010
14. Imaginary Suicides 9/17/2010
15. In The Garden The Chrysanthemums Were Dying... 9/17/2010
16. Preveza 9/17/2010
17. Posthumous Fame 9/17/2010
18. We Are Some Disjointed Guitars... 9/17/2010
19. Athens 9/17/2010
20. Ζωές (Lives) 9/17/2010
21. Νοσταλγία (Nostalgia) 9/17/2010
22. Ballade To The Forgotten Poets Of The Ages 9/17/2010
Best Poem of Kostas Karyotakis

Ballade To The Forgotten Poets Of The Ages

Detested by both men and gods,
like nobles who have bitterly decayed,
the Verlaines wither; wealth remains
to them, of rich and silvery rhyme.
With 'Les Chatiments' the Hugos are intoxicated
by their terrible Olympian revenge.
But I shall write a sorrowful
ballade to the forgotten poets.

Though the Poes have lived in misery,
and though the Baudelaires have suffered living deaths,
they ve all been granted Immortality.
Yet no-one now remembers,
and the deepest darkness has completely buried,
every poetaster who produced limp poetry.
But I make as an ...

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A Tree

With calm, indifferent brow
I'll greet the afternoons, the dawns.

A tree, I'll stand and gaze at both
the tempest and the azure sky.

I'll say that life's the coffin
in which people's joy and sorrow die.

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