Krantol Northic

Rookie (13th December 1993 / Singapore)

Biography of Krantol Northic

I'm a shockingly young 15. I've been writing poetry since I was 9 but the thought of putting up my poetry on the internet never occurred to me until mid-September 2006 when I chanced upon this website.

Most of my poetry is completely imprompto, written at the 'submit poem' page.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my poems. Leave a comment or vote if you have the time. Updates

Its Life

Its being misunderstood, people making you out as someone you are not.
Its feeling lonely, with no one to talk to.
Its feeling angered, emotions boiling.
Its being lost, not knowing what to do.
Its what we hate, not something we love.
Its feeling bad, not euphoric.
Its feeling sinned against, but yet having to forgive.
Its knowing you're right, yet admitting you're wrong.
Its knowing you're sinning, yet you sin.

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